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Quality in International Medical Travel Coordination
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High-quality Healthcare Abroad

It’s your health: get the quality treatment you deserve with medical travel.

It’s a new era of medical travel for those seeking better options. Some people can’t access specialist care for a procedure. For others, high prices or long waiting lists keep people from getting the care they need. Many more can’t afford aesthetic treatments in their home country.

Caremondo is your access point to trusted medical facilities and doctors worldwide. We make it easy for you to connect with the hospitals you’re interested in and get a treatment quote. Our Patient Care Team supports your communication in both the hospital selection and in the organization of your entire medical trip. Some of our most popular destinations include Germany, Switzerland, Greece, UAE, Turkey, and Thailand. All the doctors within these hospitals provide state-of-the-art treatments within a comfortable modern infrastructure.

Caremondo makes it easy for you to contact hospitals that you are interested in and to get a quote for the requested treatment. Our Patient Care Team supports the communication with the hospital and the organization of your medical trip.

Medical, Dental and Aesthetic Treatments at Acclaimed International Hospitals

Many trusted healthcare facilities worldwide welcome international patients and have opened their doors to medical travel. We facilitate your journey to reach them. Caremondo’s trusted international partner hospitals are listed with their certificates, specializations, technological equipment, patient reviews and medical services. Feel confident making the right choice.

Caremondo's hospitals and doctors offer you

Higher-quality medical care

Medical quality in healthcare systems varies widely between countries, regions and even medical fields. Duration of academic research and training, daily clinical practice and even national health policies all affect quality. Medical travel provides a chance to find higher-quality treatment abroad.

Modern technology

Cutting-edge medical education and training, modern facilities, and high-end technology make all the difference. Certain countries surpass others by regularly investing in the most advanced medical equipment, providing excellent preconditions for a successful treatment.

No waiting times

In some places, the imbalance of healthcare supply and patient demand creates long waiting times. It may be annoying waiting months for a checkup, but downright painful if you’re waiting for corrective surgery. Schedule your medical treatment abroad without the wait.

Affordable care

Your body and health are priceless. You shouldn’t have to choose your medical treatment quality based only on cost. Turkey, India, or Thailand offer supreme quality healthcare services sometimes up to 80% cheaper than in Europe, Australia, or the USA due to labor costs.

Prepare the documents for your medical trip

Medical documents

To prepare your quote, we’ll ask you to submit documents such as medical reports, medical certificates, diagnostic results, radiographs, CT scan, MRI scan, ECGs, etc. We are also happy to provide translation services.

Visa processing

Your Patient Care Consultant will send your visa documents from the hospital you’ve chosen. The documents are also sent to the consulate or embassy so you can go there to personally apply for your visa.

Travel preparations

Caremondo offers add-on services including translations, interpreters, hotel and airfare, transfers and more. Our partner services offer discounts, for example, 10% off flights with Lufthansa.

Caremondo assists you with every aspect of your medical trip

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