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Bangkok Hospital

Bangkok, Thailand


Bangkok Hospital is a large, internationally recognized and JCI-certified hospital complex located in Bangkok, Thailand’s vibrant capital. It ranks among the best medical institutions in the country and maximizes standards of healthcare with the latest technological equipment. The hospital has a range of specialized departments including the cardiology and oncology clinics, where even critical cases can be treated immediately.

At its foundation in 1972, the Bangkok Hospital was the first private hospital in Thailand. Since then, the facility has developed into an international healthcare center that offers a treatment or rehabilitation program for each and every diagnosis. The departments for cardiology and cancer treatment, which unite the complete medical expertise of their respective specialty competence centers, are special features. Every year, 40,000 patients are treated at the heart clinic; in addition, the Joint Commission-the largest and most prestigious international certification authority-reviews all the medical services. The hospital is proud to offer its patients outstanding service and modern accommodations with all the amenities. A team of translators supports patients and hospital staff with all communication issues in more than 26 languages.

The Bangkok Hospital has partnerships with Boston Scientific, Medtronic and St. Jude for ICD's, PM's and other implantable devices such as Deep Brain Stimulation and Pain Pumps for chronic pain patients.

Their MEDEVAC Department is operational 24/7 and we own 2 Helicopter (Air Ambulance equipped, ECMO compatible) and one fixed wing Air Ambulance (ECMO compatible) which is TEMOS and EURAMI certified.

Staff 6Physicians & Personnel


The Bangkok Hospital uses Linac 2 for RT and from next month will have the latest state-of-the-art radio-surgery System "Varian Edge" for cancer treatment. Hospital also has 2 brand-new 4th generation mCT flow PET-CT machines and the latest Cardiac CT Angiogram with 620 Multi-Slice (currently 256 Slices), as well as two 3 Tesla MRIs (one at Spine Center and one at Heart Center) and one open 1 Tesla MRI for claustrophobic/overweight patients. The hospital also offers OFF-PUMP CABG (Coronary Arterial Bypass Graft) surgery performed on the moving heart without bypass machine (immense decrease in complications in multimorbid patients), TAVI/ViV-TAVI (replacement of aortic valve via cath lab/minimal invasive surgery, ViV (valve in valve) for stenosis of pre-existing valve prosthesis), TEVAR (thoracic endovascular aortic repair) in hybrid procedure and 3D CartoSound ablation therapy for cardiac arrhythmic diseases.

Treatments 466Treatments Offered

Medical Quality Evaluation

Quality management

At the Bangkok Hospital, doctors and staff are very conscious regarding their responsibility towards the patient. Therefore, all staff is required to continuously improve workflows to ensure maximum patient safety. The treatment and service quality meet high international standards.


The clinic was awarded the gold certificate of the Joint Commission International, a guarantee of high quality. Moreover, the clinic proudly holds ISO 9001 certifications.

Clinic Services

Medical care services

  • Special services for instruction and counselling of relatives
  • Nutrition counselling
  • Manual lymphatic drainage
  • Massage
  • Heat and cold application
  • Special services for diabetic patients
  • Wound management
  • Acupressure
  • Acupuncture
  • Basal stimulation
  • Prenatal classes / exercises
  • Naturopathy / homoeopathy / phytotherapy
  • Special care for babies and infants
  • Baby care courses
  • Traditional chinese medicine
  • Postnatal recovery gymnastics
  • Special services for parents and families
  • Special services for patients with neurological disorder
  • Special services from midwifes
  • Special care services
  • Obesity education

Non-medical care services

  • Prayer room
  • Consideration of nutrition habits (cultural, religious)
  • Single room with bathroom
  • Reception and assistance services
  • TV at the bedside / in the room
  • Common room / lounge
  • Hotel services
  • Internet access
  • Accommodation for attendants
  • Double room
  • Double room with bathroom
  • Single room
  • Cashpoint
  • Rooming-in
  • Interpreter
  • International Office
  • Child care
  • Telephone at the bedside
  • Laundry service
  • Shuttle service
  • interdisciplinary tumor-board

External reviews from

Matas Vaitkevicius, Feb 2017

"Be careful here, they will sneak in unnecessary tests and procedures that you do not need or intend to have... I have been here a month ago to have my checks for Australian Visa, they did tests for me everything OK, then they did tests for the kids and wanted to do test that is 70k baht when alternative for fraction of the price was available. I had to explicitly tell them to do the cheap one, and had I not been prepared I would have been overcharged... They still managed to rip me off though... Results for my kids had to come in couple of days and they charged me 25$ for 'getting the results'... which I never have been charged for before... Can't give more than 2 stars since facilities are clean and they give you 'free water', but ripping foreigners attitude is just low...."

Pawarana Suwanjindar, Mar 2017

"Very attentive and competent medical staff. Pleased with team approach to care. "

Lawrence James, Dec 2016

"It is one of the most luxurious large hospitals in Thailand and I know that the level of medical staff is very good. In case of foreigners, they also provide real-time interpretation services with Thai doctors, so they do not have any problem of language communication, but the cost of medical treatment is rather high."

om prakash, Mar 2017

"Met here a doctor some years ago.Nice big hospital with modern infra."

Geography & Surrounding



Bangkok, the Thai capital with more than eight million inhabitants, is a city of superlatives. As one of the world’s most visited cities, the metropolis on the banks of the Chao Phraya River counts around 17 million foreign visitors per year. Numerous government agencies, universities, palaces and over 400 Buddhist temples make Bangkok the political, economic and cultural center of Thailand


Public transport: Bangkok has two international airports that provide regular connections to the whole world. From there, you can travel on to the clinic by public transport or taxi.

Car: There are parking lots in front of building D and W. Moreover, a parking service is at your disposal directly in front of each clinic building.


Bangkok, the Thai capital with more than eight million inhabitants, is a city of superlatives. As one of the world’s most visited cities, the metropolis on the banks of the Chao Phraya River counts around 17 million foreign visitors per year. Numerous government agencies, universities, palaces and over 400 Buddhist temples make Bangkok the political, economic and cultural center of Thailand. The city offers an exciting contrast of tradition and modernity. While star chefs create gourmet food in trendy skyscrapers rooftop-restaurants, small mobile food stands serve charcoal-broiled meat skewers on the sidewalks. On one hand, Bangkok is still traditionally Thai, but also presents itself as cosmopolitan and classy. While in the open-air markets you can purchase a t-shirt for the price of a beer, you can also squander the equivalence of a university professor’s monthly salary for a designer handbag from one of the city’s glittering shopping centers. Bangkok is a city in its own universe, suspenseful, pulsating and in permanent change. From partying and clubbing with international DJs to peaceful, deep contemplation in one of the numerous Buddhist temples – Bangkok offers every visitor exactly what they’re longing for. Above all this mind-blowing and sometimes chaotic diversity, Bangkok is the city of positive-minded, smiling and cheerful people.

Address: Bangkok Hospital 2 Soi Soonvijai 7, New Petchburi Road, Huaykwang Bangkok, 10310 Thailand