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VitalCenter Dental Clinic

Budapest, Hungary

Starting from its foundation nearly 25 years ago, the VitalCenter in Budapest has evolved into one of the most renowned dental clinics in Hungary. In the friendly and relaxed surroundings of the picturesque Margaret Island, patients from all parts of the world receive a complete spectrum of modern and high-quality dental treatments.

Madenta Dental Clinic

Budapest, Hungary

The Madenta Dental Clinic is one of the most prestigious, fastest growing dental clinics in Hungary. This distinguished clinic, located in central Budapest, adheres to the highest European standards in dentistry and orthodontics to provide an excellent experience for their many international patients that seek treatment there.

Phuket Dental Signature

Phuket, Thailand

Phuket Dental Signature Clinic is a subsidiary of the award-winning JCI-certified Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) and considered one of the best dental clinics in Thailand. In an appealing location right on Patong Beach in Phuket, the dental experts there offer many treatments for a beautiful smile, whether you need implants, braces, or cosmetic teeth whitening. Their ‘Thailand Trust Mark’ award certifies that Phuket Dental Signature Clinic operates at a high-quality level you can rely on. The clinic offers a free dental check-up to patients who book a treatment via Caremondo.

The Dental Arch Mumbai

Mumbai, India

The Dental Arch is a full-service dental clinic in Mumbai, India that prides itself on superior quality and Western standards of excellence for dentistry and orthodontic treatments. Founded by award winning dentist Dr. Gaurav Poplai, the clinic has a comfortable new and modern interior, offering general and cosmetic dentistry for the whole family at any age, from children to geriatrics, oral surgical procedures, dental implants, and more.

Profident Dental Clinic

Budapest, Hungary

Located in the heart of Budapest, the Profident Clinic is one of the leading dental clinics in Hungary. With more than 20 years of experience, it offers a complete spectrum of dental and dental-aesthetic services. The clinic, which enjoys an excellent reputation particularly among international patients, is distinguished by its highly trained and experienced specialists, modern treatment techniques, an on-site dental laboratory, and comprehensive service offers.

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Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) is one of the largest and most reputable dental hospitals in Southeast Asia. This specialized hospital is the first (and only) JCI- accredited dental center in Thailand and offers its patients a comprehensive spectrum of high-quality dental services. The BIDC’s main focuses are on dental implants and aesthetic dentistry with patient safety and advanced sterilization standards as its highest priorities. The clinic offers a free dental check-up to patients booking a treatment via Caremondo.

Tanfer Clinic

Istanbul, Turkey

The Tanfer Clinic in Istanbul has been at the forefront of Turkish dentistry for more than 30 years. Their broad range of services extends from implantology, oral surgery to orthodontics and even aesthetic treatments of the highest quality standards. With advanced innovations for bone formation (boxtechnique) and other treatments, Dr. Tanfer has achieved an excellent reputation for quality. The clinic, which operates according to the highest ethical standards, possesses a number of international certifications.

Dentim Europe

Katowice, Poland

Dentim Europe is one of Poland’s top-notch dental clinics offering cosmetic dentistry with an emphasis on quality, safety, and comfort. Based in the city of Katowice, their unique approach to high-tech, non-invasive dental treatments has awarded them an excellent reputation internationally as modern and professional clinic with state-of-the-art technology and 99% patient satisfaction.

Plénido Dental

Barcelona, Spain

Plenido Dental Barcelona represents advanced dental care in the heart of Cataluña, Spain. Their four main specialties include preventative dentistry, orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry for a more beautiful smile, and implantology with lifelong warranties. Plenido also offers a wide selection of convenient treatment packages for international patients coming for short durations.

The Privat Dental Clinic Dr. Sörgel & Partner has offered an extensive range of dental treatments for the past 27 years. Experienced and well-trained doctors work in the clinic with the most modern medical engineering products. In this way, the patients get diagnosed accurately in a pleasant atmosphere and get restorative and effective treatment according to the latest medical standards, personalized to their needs.