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Barcelona, Spain

IVI - Barcelona is a prestigious fertility clinic that offers a broad selection of treatments, including sperm donation and artificial insemination, advanced IVF and ISCI. They have six specialty communities for psychological and emotional support with an extremely individualized patient focus. To date, IVI group’s renowned fertility specialists have helped 100,000 babies come into this world with a superb treatment success rate of 96%. This clinic group was founded by and is managed by the most renowned names in fertility medicine with years of research and the latest successful scientific methods to increase chances of pregnancy.


Madrid, Spain

IVI- Madrid center is a prestigious fertility clinic with a broad selection of treatments including artificial insemination, IVF & ICSI and sperm donation. In addition to medicine, they have eight unique communities for psychological support at this location as well. To date, IVI group’s renowned fertility specialists have helped 57,000 hetero and lesbian couples as well as single women to conceive with a superb success rate of 96%. The IVI group is managed by the most renowned specialist names in fertility medicine with years of research studies, publications, and the latest successful methodologies.

Plénido Dental

Barcelona, Spain

Plenido Dental Barcelona represents advanced dental care in the heart of Cataluña, Spain. Their four main specialties include preventative dentistry, orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry for a more beautiful smile, and implantology with lifelong warranties. Plenido also offers a wide selection of convenient treatment packages for international patients coming for short durations.

Barcelona Centre Medic

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona Centre Medic is an integrated cooperation of 13 total medical facilities, 7 specialized centers, 3 general clinics, 1 diagnostic center and 2 collaborator centers to cover every area of treatment specialization and high-quality integrated care. This unique healthcare initiative employs nearly 3520 accredited physicians in close to 40 medical specialties. This association has been internationally recognized as one of the best in Europe and also among the finest medical centers in the world.

Vallmedic Vision and Aesthetics Mallorca is a private center for vision correction and aesthetic procedures known for its excellent specialist ophthalmologists, beauty treatments, state-of-the-art-technology and convenient beach location. Main procedures include Femto- Lasik eye surgery, ICL Phakic lens, corrective surgery for cataracts, presbyopia, Monofocal intraocular aspherical lenses (HD) and others. In addition, they offer treatments such as ‘Cool Sculpting’ fat freezing reduction, BOTOX and fillers, and more.

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Clínica BIRBE

Barcelona, Spain

Specialists in Facial Plastic Surgery, Maxillofacial Surgery and Orthognathic Surgery

Quirón Hospital Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

With over 60 years of experience, Quirón Barcelona has become a renowned symbol of high-quality standards in Southern Europe’s private healthcare sector. Their efforts are focused on patient care and hospitality as well as cutting-edge medical treatments. The facility is part of Quirón Hospital Group in Spain that boasts some of the most sophisticated healthcare equipment most adapted to the healthcare needs of the 21st century.

Quirón Hospital Marbella

Marbella, Spain

The Quirón Hospital Marbella is one of four Quirón facilities in Andalucía and one of Spain’s top choices for international patients due to an exquisite location on the touristic Costa del Sol. The principle objectives of this renowned healthcare provider are to combine prestigious doctors, invest the most advanced technology available for the private health sector, and to cater to both local and international clientele.

The Quirón University Clinic in Madrid is one of the newest additions to the Quirón Hospital Group, but in only a few years has established itself as the example for private healthcare in Spain’s vibrant capital. The hospital’s three pillars of superior patient care are advanced technology, personal attention, and professionals of the highest level. The hospital has 39 medical and surgical specializations.