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Vienna Fertility Clinic

Vienna, Austria

Vienna Fertility Clinic aims to provide guidance and care to meet and exceed patients’ expectations. The entire clinic team, from physicians to biologists and certified nurses, works in accordance with modern medical expertise so you can reach your dreams of having a child. In addition, acupuncture, psychological counseling and mental training complement your clinical procedures.

Prescan Center

Vienna, Austria

Prescan is a center in Austria that coordinates medical check-ups. Competent staff will organize and support your diagnostics to save you time. Such medical services as Total Body Scan ® allow patients to recognize possible weaknesses in their bodies and to treat diseases at early stages.

“Goldenes Kreuz” is a private hospital specializing in women’s health and well-being. It unites a breast health center, fertility clinic and maternity ward with a pleasant interior design and yoga classes to make your stay more enjoyable. High-quality medical services are ensured by excellent quality management.

Rudolfiner House

Vienna, Austria

Quietly situated at the edge of Vienna you can find the Rudolfiner House, a renowned practitioner's hospital with a long history in Vienna. Patients are attended at an excellent medical level across different specialities. Besides German-speaking patients, the hospital is well prepared to attend English, Arabic, and Russian-speaking patients.