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Orthopedic Center Munich East (OZMO)

Munich, Germany

The Orthopedic Center Munich East treats diseases of the entire musculoskeletal system. The team of doctors consists of six experienced and highly qualified specialists, all of whom are experts in their respective fields. The orthopedic/trauma surgery doctors of OZMO work with the spine specialists of Spine Center hand in hand. Thus, a comprehensive diagnosis, treatment and patient care is ensured according to the latest medical standards.

Marianowicz Medicine

Munich, Germany

“Medicine at the highest level - time for health”: The team at Marianowicz Medizin feels deeply committed to this promise – both in the Center for Diagnosis & Therapy in Munich and at the Private Clinic Jägerwinkel at Tegernsee. Marianowicz Medizin stands for taking a holistic approach with all doctors and therapists and considering all conceivable options for recovery in order to find the right therapy.

Elisee Clinic Nuremberg

Nuremberg, Germany

The Elisee Clinic in Nuremberg is a highly modern orthopedic hand surgery clinic that specializes in the examination and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. The clinic provides the best possible treatment using therapeutic methods and the latest medical standards, fully equipped operation centers, as well as an experienced, highly qualified treatment team.

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Freiburg University Hospital

Freiburg, Germany

The main areas of expertise at Freiburg University Hospital are cancer and heart disease treatment. But even in other areas, the clinic is still a top notch research center, in confirmation of its “Transparency and Quality in Health Care” quality seal. The multi-professional team aims to adjust the stimulation of the healing process centered around the individual by keeping the patient well informed. In doing so, the team gives advanced medicine a human face.

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ISAR Klinikum Munich

Munich, Germany

The ISAR Klinikum, located in Munich's downtown, has pioneered a new health concept: by combining cutting-edge technology, innovative medicine with individualized, personal care, the patient’s well-being is the center of this clinic’s philosophy. The clinic is representative of truly interdisciplinary state-of-the-art medicine with a visionary concept.

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PAN Clinic

Cologne, Germany

The PAN Clinic on Neumarkt in Cologne was founded in 1999 as a private clinic and specializes in outpatient and minimally invasive inpatient treatments. Meanwhile, the PAN clinic is subdivided into 25 technical and functional areas. In order to provide patients with individual, medical diagnoses and suitable therapies, the team of this highly modern equipped clinic consists exclusively of specialized doctors, surgeons and therapists as well as a caring hospital staff. The PAN clinic is the first Institution whose international patient office was awarded the ‘Quality Standard for Medical Tourism’ certification.

Beta Clinic Bonn

Bonn, Germany

The Beta Clinic in Bonn was founded in 2008 as a specialist clinic for the head and spine. They assist their patients expertly thanks to their specialized team experienced in many medical areas. The clinic places great emphasis on an efficient and gentle treatment that focuses on patient and his health.

HELIOS Clinic Berlin-Buch

Berlin, Germany

The HELIOS Clinic Berlin-Buch is a modern hospital with maximum care that links high-performance medicine with particular comfort. Its numerous specialty departments cover a comprehensive treatment spectrum that concentrates their expertise in specialized interdisciplinary focal centers.

HELIOS Clinic Krefeld

Krefeld, Germany

HELIOS Clinic Krefeld is a maximum care hospital that offers a comprehensive range of outstanding medical care. The clinic is characterized by its high-quality diagnostic and therapeutic treatments. The doctors are all experienced, well-educated, and are all experts in their fields. In order to provide the best possible treatment to patients, they work closely together, sharing their expertise in a multidisciplinary approach.


Berlin, Germany

Vivantes - Netzwerk für Gesundheit GmbH encompasses nine clinic locations in the heart of Berlin and the expertise of 1,500 doctors. Thanks to the concentration of 150 internationally accredited senior physicians, all of whom are leading figures in their specialist fields, Vivantes is able to offer its patients state-of-the-art medicine from a single source. Established 140 years ago, Europe’s largest state-owned hospital network now assists around 550,000 patients every year. The 40 Vivantes Centers of Excellence cover the full range of medical services and offer the newest operation and therapy options available.