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Wels Fertility Center

Wels, Austria

At the Wels Fertility Clinic, more than 2,500 patients are treated every year under the motto, “We fulfill your desire to have a child!” The clinic ranks among the largest centers in Europe for in vitro fertilization. Their success lies in combining high-tech medicine with the ability to provide the couples and patients there with the extra care and support they need during their treatments.

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Sydow Practice Clinic

Berlin, Germany

The Sydow Practice Clinic is a certified center for fertility and endometriosis treatments located in the heart of Berlin. Modern methods such as IVF/ICSI are supplemented by complementary treatment methods from Chinese medicine. Surgical interventions, treatments, and post-operative care are offered by the clinic at a single location.

The MVZ PAN Institute for Endocrinology and Reproductive Medicine has specialized in fertility treatments since 1989. Patients receive comprehensive care and their physical or mental causes of infertility are diagnosed and treated specifically. The MVZ PAN Institute is the first institution whose international patient office was awarded the renowned ‘Quality Standard for Medical Tourism’ certification.

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MVZ Fertility Center Wiesbaden

Wiesbaden, Germany

Welcome to the Fertility Center Wiesbaden, which has gained an excellent reputation in reproductive medicine due to above-average success ratios. The infertility specialists there can advise you in detail of the opportunities and risks of different treatment approaches. Their spectrum ranges from classic insemination to complex in-vitro fertilization using microinjection and hormonal stimulation. In addition, the center is an expert partner in the field of cryopreservation of ova/sperm cells (freezing).


Copenhagen, Denmark

The StorkKlink is a very special fertility treatment center especially for lesbian couples and single women, located right in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark. Within these walls and cosy rooms, you will get the feeling you are visiting a good friend instead of the typically cold rooms of a clinic apartment. Here, you can relax with the assurance that the team is happy to guide you through the broad range of fertility treatments with both kindness and competence. Everyone here understands: opting for a child is a momentous decision in your life.

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Barcelona, Spain

IVI - Barcelona is a prestigious fertility clinic that offers a broad selection of treatments, including sperm donation and artificial insemination, advanced IVF and ISCI. They have six specialty communities for psychological and emotional support with an extremely individualized patient focus. To date, IVI group’s renowned fertility specialists have helped 100,000 babies come into this world with a superb treatment success rate of 96%. This clinic group was founded by and is managed by the most renowned names in fertility medicine with years of research and the latest successful scientific methods to increase chances of pregnancy.


Madrid, Spain

IVI- Madrid center is a prestigious fertility clinic with a broad selection of treatments including artificial insemination, IVF & ICSI and sperm donation. In addition to medicine, they have eight unique communities for psychological support at this location as well. To date, IVI group’s renowned fertility specialists have helped 57,000 hetero and lesbian couples as well as single women to conceive with a superb success rate of 96%. The IVI group is managed by the most renowned specialist names in fertility medicine with years of research studies, publications, and the latest successful methodologies.

Opera Fertility Center

Munich, Germany

Medical and technological perfection meet clear communication in a trusting, nurturing atmosphere at the 'Opera Fertility Center' (Kinderwunschzentrum an der Oper). Every couple is assisted by their own personal physician throughout the entire child planning process - from the first interview to the fertility treatment and beyond. The center applies the latest fertility treatment methodology for the therapy, diagnostics, IVF, hormone therapy and cryopreservation.

MCK Fertility Center Leiden Netherlands

Leiderdorp, Netherlands

The MCK Fertility Center is a Dutch institution in Leiden that assists lesbian couples, single women, and heterosexual couples to fulfill their wish for a child. The center is licensed for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), ICSI treatments and Testicular Sperm Extraction (TESE), and even provides its own sperm bank.

MVZ Fertility Center Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf, Germany

The Interdisciplinary Fertility Center Düsseldorf assists couples in child planning using its highly professional skills and nurturing care. The long-standing expertise of their specialists in areas such as endocrinology, urology, genetics and laboratory medicine is thereby combined for a customized treatment approach. In a pleasant atmosphere, the staff provide advice and assistance to the couples - around the clock and with plenty of time for their concerns.